Aputure Amaran F22c RGBWW LED Mat ( 2 x 2′) with Stand (NO BATTERY)


The amaran F22c is a 2’x2’ ultra-lightweight flexible LED mat that offers outstanding light output and color rendering for indie filmmakers, videographers, content creators, and photographers who need a versatile and flexible lighting solution or want to add a splash of color to their scene.


As an ultra-light, ultra-thin fabric light, the F22c is compatible with a wide variety of use cases and excels in on-the-go travel and tight spaces. And as a simple, soft light that can fold compactly, it is the perfect close-up key light. Its traditional 2’x2’ form factor allows the F22c to provide ample surface area for an innately soft light, while still producing enough intensity to impact the scene.

With its integrated RGBWW chipset, the F22c flexible panel grants you full control over creative lighting decisions, or adding a splash of color to your scene through its tunable CCT from 2,500K to 7,500K with green-magenta adjustment, 360º HSI control, 46 color gel presets, 15 built-in lighting effects, and 4 user-configurable preset buttons.

The F22c and its compact setup design is ideal for all types of filmmakers and creators. The F22c includes a compact, folding X-Frame to quickly build the F21c into a rigid panel with ease. This frame can be attached directly to a C-Stand grip head using the Straight Baby Pin adapter, or onto any standard light stand with the included Right Angle Baby Pin and tilting stand mount.


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