Frequently Asked Questions



How do I order an item from you?

On our website, select the gear you would like to rent and choose the date that you need and decide if you will come to our office in Dubai JLT for pick-up and returns, or if you prefer that we deliver to your location.

Collection of your items in our office can be made the late afternoon the day before your rental, and returns the evening of your last day of rental or the morning after.  If you selected the delivery option, tell us your shipping address, we ship your items via Parzel courier or Aramex, or through our own driver, and will email/WhatsApp you a tracking number as soon as we have one.

Payment is done through debit or credit cards directly on the website.  You can also decide to pay cash on delivery instead.  When the gear arrives, open the box and shoot some amazing photos and videos.

When your rental period ends, come and return the gear to our office, or ship the items back to us using the prepaid shipping label. It’s that easy.

For all orders, we require a deposit. Upon delivery, we will pre-authorize on your credit card an amount proportional to the order value and the deposit is fully refundable on return of the rental items.  We do also accept cash as deposit.  As an alternative, if you prefer, you can leave your original passport with us and collect it back when you return the rental gear; your passport will be kept securely in our office safe during this period.

Does charge a deposit?

For all orders, we require a deposit. Upon delivery, we will pre-authorize on your credit card an amount proportional to the order value and the deposit is fully refundable on return of the rental items.  We do also accept cash as deposit.  As an alternative, if you prefer, you can leave your original passport with us and collect it back when you return the rental gear; your passport will be kept securely in our office safe during this period.

Can I make a reservation?

Yes, you may reserve your equipment at any time.  If you change your mind before we ship your items, you will not incur any cancelation fees.  If you selected the pickup from our office as a delivery option, we do require cancellation notice by phone, WhatsAppp or email by noon the day before your rental starts.  If cancellation is done after this time, we will charge 50% of the foreseen rental amount as cancelation fee.

When does my rental begin?

The rental is done in blocks of one day.  You can rent for one day, or several days.  You can come to pick-up your rental gear the afternoon before your rental day for convenience after 4pm.  If you selected the delivery option, we will deliver your gear the afternoon of the day before as well.

When does my rental end?

Your rental ends on the day that you specified as the End Date while ordering your items. If you selected the delivery option, we will come and collect your rental equipment in the evening of that day or early morning the day after.  You can also decide to drop your gear back to our office yourself and have the possibility to do this by the next day before 11am.

May I extend my rental?

You may extend your rental if the item is not currently reserved for another order. Please contact us by email, phone or WhatsApp to determine if your rental may be extended.

May I take my rental abroad?

Yes, you may take your trial items abroad. We recommend that you cover the trial items under your own travel insurance policy.

What if I have gear questions? Will you help pick the best gear for me?

At we take pride in our photographic knowledge and are always happy to help. Contact us with all your camera and lens questions.

Can I rent something I don't see on the website?

ALL the gear we stock is on our website, but if you want to rent something you don’t see on the site, contact us and we’ll see if we can make it happen.

What happens if I ship the items later than the return date?

If you’ve already asked us for an extension, and we’ve notified that an extension is possible, then you can continue using the items until the newly extended return date. Otherwise, for any unnotified delayed returns, we charge double the daily rate (2X) of the rental items for every day until the items get shipped back. This is to ensure that other customers, like you, will get their rental items on time.

What is’s cancelation policy?

You may cancel your order up to 24 hours prior to order shipment (your order leaves our office one business days before your start date). Failure to do so will result in a 1 day rental charge. Please note – for orders canceled within 24 hours prior to shipment and for orders canceled that have already shipped, no part of the rental fee will be refunded.

Purchase and payment

Purchase and payment

I tried a lens from and love it! Can I buy this lens?

No.  Unfortunately we do not sell our lenses or other gear from our rental stock.  We do not sell new photography equipment either.

What forms of payment does accept? accepts payments on its website with the Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards issued in the UAE.
For payments by card in our office, we do accept all major credit and debit cards, including those issued in other countries.

All all cases, accepts also COD, cash on delivery.

When is my card charged?

Your credit card will be charged as soon as your booking is confirmed at reservation time. In case of cancellation of your reservation within the period of free cancellation, the payment will be reversed on your credit card and will appear on your card balance with one to three weeks depending on your credit card company.

Equipment and shipping

Equipment and shipping

Is gear in good condition?

Our gear at is always in perfect working order when you receive it. When a rented item is returned to us, we clean, test and calibrate every item. Our technicians test every item before shipping them off to you. If you ever receive an item that is not working or was damaged in shipment please contact us immediately

What comes with a camera rental?

Included with every camera you try will be the camera body, body cap, neck strap, memory card reader, battery and charger. Extra batteries and memory cards can be added when you place your order.

What comes with a lens rental?

Every lens you try will have both front and rear caps. Please note only professional lenses will come with a lens hood. If you need help determining if the lens you would like to try comes with the hood please contact us.

How much is shipping?

For Orders above 200 AED, will charge 50 AED for all standard shipping in Dubai, 60 AED for Sharjah and Ajman within City, 100 AED for Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, RAK, Fujairah and Ajman/Sharajh if outside of city center.

For Orders below 200 AED, will charge 100 AED for all standard shipping in Dubai, 120 AED for Sharjah and Ajman within City, 200 AED for Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, RAK, Fujairah and Ajman/Sharajh if outside of city center.

For express delivery with less than 24 hours notice, charges more as calculated in real time on the website.

Returning equipment is prepaid by and will not be charged; please use the printed return label and contact the courier company for pick-up at your selected location. All orders from are shipped via Parzel courier,  Aramex or with our own driver.

Can I have my order sooner than 2 days?

Yes, We can ship your order with same day delivery via bullet courier service for an additional shipping charge, depending on where you live. Our expedited shipping fee is 100 AED for Dubai, 120 AED for Sharjah and Ajaman, 160 AED for Abu Dhabi and the other Emirates.

What shipping carriers does ship with?

We ship out all orders via Parzel courier or Aramex, or also with our own driver.

Is signature required?

Yes, signature is required upon delivery of all orders for security purposes.

Does ship internationally?

No, does not ship internationally at this moment.

Can ship to a PO box address?

We do not ship to PO boxes addresses.

Can you ship my order to my hotel?

Yes we can, as long as there’s someone to sign for the items on your behalf when they arrive.

What if my package doesn't contain all the items I ordered?

We hope to never make this mistake, but if we miss packing one of the items or accessories in your order please contact us right away, and we will make arrangements to get the item to you right away.

I received a notification saying I should update the firmware on my gear. What should I do?

Do not update the firmware. The update can cause malfunctions if not done properly, and we’d like you to get the most out of your rental. Our specialists will take care of it once the gear comes back to us.

How do I return the items I tried?

It’s simple! Just use the prepaid return label supplied in your order and the box you received from us. Then call the courier company mentioned on the return label for a pick-up at your address, home, office or hotel. When shipping back your gear, please remember to include all pieces of foam to prevent any damage in transit on its way back to us. If items are returned without the foam, you will be responsible for any damage done to the gear as well as the missing piece(s) of foam.

When do I return my package to the courier?

Please make sure to call the courier company of your return shipping label to arrange pick-up at a convenient location at the scheduled day. If the order is not sent back to arrive on time, you will be charged a late fee (2x the daily rate of your rental).

What if I receive damaged gear?

Our packaging has been carefully selected and tested to ensure ultimate protection for our gear. Consisting of shipping-grade corrugated cardboard boxes and foam inserts with minimum 5cm of protection on each side, our boxes were developed to ensure your item is delivered in the same tip-top condition it was sent out in, and provide a safe trip on its way back to us.

If you notice any damage or issues upon receiving your gear, please contact us within 24 hours, so we know not to charge for the damage when we get the items back in our warehouse. If you fail to report damage to us within a 24 hour time frame, you will be liable for any necessary repairs.


What if I forget to send an accessory or item back in my box?

Things happen. We get it. When we notice an item missing while checking the contents of a returned box, we charge the replacement value for the missing item to the card on file. We also send an email to let you know, and if you’re able to find the item, we issue a full refund once we receive it. Please be sure to send the item back within 15 days of receiving an email from us. If we do not receive it within 15 days, then no refund will be given since we’ve already replaced the item.

Our address for returns is:
Office 2510, X3 Tower
X-Cluster, JLT

We recommend using a service that provides tracking, just in case. Also, be sure to include your order number in the package when shipping back. Please contact us if you have any questions about this.

Underwater Photo/Video Equipement

Underwater Equipement

How should I use the underwater camera housing?

The underwater camera housing is a specific equipment that should be use with caution in order to give full satisfaction. Our underwater camera housing are tested and tried before every shipment. Make sure however that upon receipt of the underwater camera housing, you read the operating instructions properly and make a leak test without the camera inside before submersion with the camera inside. You will be responsible for any and all damage, including flooding, while the equipment is your possession.

Other Gear

Other Gear

Can I rent other gear than photography equipment?

Not at the moment. But we are actively working to provide you with other types of awesome gear in the near future. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any great suggestion.

Can’t find it here? Please contact us for more information.