Our Equipment Trial service at Sony Creator Crib provides video/photographers with an exceptional opportunity to explore and experiment with the latest photography gear in a fully equipped studio environment. Designed exclusively for non-commercial projects, this service is perfect for photographers looking to test and review new equipment before making a rental or purchase decision.

Studio Features:

  • Nanlite Lighting Gear: Our studio is outfitted with Nanlite lighting equipment, ensuring you have access to professional-grade illumination for your shoots. Experiment with various lighting setups to achieve the perfect shot.
  • Hollyland M1 Transmitter: Experience seamless wireless video transmission with the Hollyland M1 transmitter, ideal for monitoring your shots in real-time without the clutter of cables.
  • Large TV Screen: Review your shots instantly on a large TV screen, making it easy to analyze your work and make necessary adjustments on the spot.

Booking and Additional Equipment:

  • Reserve Additional Equipment: If there are specific cameras, lenses, or accessories you want to try, please include them in your booking request. Our team will get back to you with availability options.
  • Booking Studio room: Our team will prepare the studio with your requested gear.
  • Non-Commercial Projects Only: The Equipment Trial service is intended solely for non-commercial projects. It is perfect for photographers looking to familiarize themselves with new gear, conduct reviews, or practice their skills without the pressure of a commercial shoot.

How to Book:

  1. Submit a Booking Request: Fill out the booking form on our website, specifying the additional equipment you wish to trial.
  2. Confirm Your Session: Once your request is received, we will confirm the availability of the studio and the equipment.