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The Gearbox Story

Late 2016, I was looking for a photographer for my wife’s online jewelry shop. I was not able to find one that would offer a reasonable price for the different types of photoshoots. They all had one or another specific lens missing to cover all the expected scenes. And rental of these lenses was expensive for them and difficult to organize at short notice.
I started to think about this market and realized that there was not always a need or a possibility for one to buy these expensive pieces of equipment that are seldom used. It is a similar model to Uber for transport: Why buy a car if you do not use every day?
This is also giving the possibility to photography enthusiasts to have access to top quality equipment for their hobby, or even work, if they do not have the cash to spend.   Why would everyone not be able to get hold of  great gear at the lowest cost?  Now everyone can make great pictures or video, no excuse.
This is how gearbox.ae got on the rails. Rent awesome photography gear.
John Massaut – April 2017, Dubai

About Us

Gearbox was founded by a few enthusiastic photography amateurs. Naturally our initial target was to get the best photography equipment into the hands of as many people as possible. Our goal is to be sure that everyone (even beginners) can get the photography and video equipment they need, without paying full price for something they’ll only use just once or a few times.
Our rental model allows you to get the gear you need at a great price, even if it’s just for the weekend. It also allows you to try a product you’ve been wanting before making the investment into it. If you’re looking to purchase high quality used equipment, we can help you there as well.
We’re passionate about photography, and want to help everyone capture their lives in their own unique way. Whether it’s a safari, wedding, or just a weekend with friends, we have the gear you need.
We will be expanding the range of photography equipment as time goes, and we will move into other types of gear, such as fitness and wellness trackers and other wearables.
Stay tuned.

The brand gearbox.ae® is owned and operated by Aigue Marine DMCC.