Lastolite HiLite Background 1.8M x 2.15M

The Lastolite HiLite Illuminated White Background is a unique way to achieve hi key photographs. This inventive system, allows the photographer to minimize lighting scenarios while achieving spectacular results.

The HiLite Background is different in that it permits you to place your strobe head INSIDE the background, completely directing the light to the background and filling it with white light. No more worrying about ‘spill’ or having to test to see if the background light is positioned correctly since the background will be evenly lit. Furthermore, because the background is actually illuminated it means the subject can stand virtually right in front of it without casting a shadow.

This system also works as a rear softbox and can illuminate your subject as well. This means you can simply use use one other light in the front and you’re ready to shoot.


  • Lastolite HiLite Illuminated White Background (6 x 7′)
  • HiLite Background
  • 4 x Support Rods


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