ZEISS Supreme Prime 35mm T1.5 (PL Mount)

The ZEISS Supreme Prime 35mm T1.5 lens features an interchangeable PL mount and is marked in feet. The lens produces a 46.3mm image circle, covering full-frame sensors. The internal focus design provides minimal focus breathing and a non-rotating front. The focus ring rotates 300° from a close focus of 13″ to infinity, providing plenty of room for precise focus pulls. The iris is made up of 16 blades arranged to create circular, out-of-focus highlights. Both the focus and iris rings incorporate industry standard 0.8 MOD, 32-pitch drive gears, and the lenses within the Supreme lineup share the same gear positions, making for rapid lens changes.

The lens is fast at T1.5, yet has only a 95mm front diameter. This allows you to use a wide variety of matte boxes from handheld to studio size. The lens also weighs only 3.09 pounds, features a removable lens support with 3/8″-16 threading, and uses an interchangeable mount system. The PL mount passes metadata and is compatible with both the Cooke /i and the ZEISS Xtended Data systems.


Key Features
  • Covers Full-Frame Sensors
  • Internal Focus Design
  • Minimal Lens Breathing
  • 300° Focus Rotation
    Covers 46.3mm image circle, which allows you to use the lens with full-frame and Super 35mm sensors
    The lens has been designed to be small, as far as lenses that cover full-frame sensors go, to better match the diminishing size of cameras
    Though the lens is designed to be exceedingly sharp, it features a smooth focus roll-off
    The lens features a precision square helical thread that is smooth and durable
    The focus barrel features 300° of rotation for precise focus pulls
    The lens mounts are interchangeable in the field and communicate with Cooke /i and ZEISS Xtended Data protocols
    The removable lens support foot features an integrated 3/8″-16 female threaded mounting hole
    The lens features a 16-blade iris that forms a circular aperture for round, out-of-focus highlights
    The iris markings on the lens are not linear, providing you more room for precise incremental adjustments when the iris is open on the wide end, as well as making the overall size of the lens smaller


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