KINO FLO CELEB 400 LIGHT with Combo Stand

The Kino Flo Celeb 400 DMX LED is a similar size to the Kino Flo 4’x4 bank, which is a favourite of many DPs. It gives a soft, wraparound light that produces colour faithfully on HD or film.

With the Kino Flo Celeb 400 you have complete control of colour temperature. Use the 5 Kelvin presets or dial-in colour temperatures between 2700-5500k. You can store these Kelvin settings using the preset buttons and you can make these changes without a drop in light levels.

The Kino Flo Celeb 400 comes with a gel frame, honeycomb louvre and can also be powered by a battery kit.


Dimensions:114.5 x 36 x 13mm
Manufacturer:Kino Flo
Battery Option:Yes –
VlokSilent Operation:Yes
Other Specs:Universal input 100VAC-240VAC or 24VDC, Ultra energy efficient power draw of only 1.8A, 120VAC,
Flicker-free dead quiet operation.
All-in-one metal alloy design with built-in electronics, Mounts to stand or can be hung from a grid


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