FEIYUTECH A2000 3-axis Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR/ Mirrorless cameras Dual Handle Grip

All three axis could turn a full circle.
45 degree elevation design at rolling axis to insure the viewfinder screen will not be covered by rolling axis.
2000 gram as the maximum carry capacity makes it easy to bear most mirrorless cameras, DSLRs and camcorders. Easy to balance camera by sliding arms and lock screws.
Automatic identification algorithm to detect weights of different cameras and Automatically match with them without adjusting the motor strength.
EVA anti collision foam added to panning axis to prevent damage to camera.
Controllable roll axis as a new highlight.
Triggle button to quickly enter lock mode and reset the gimbal.
Power on and off with a reminder of a beep, a sweet design for indoor or outdoor use.
Intelligent initialization to automatically check motionless desk and auto-complete with a reminder of a beep. Detachable handle to freely switch in installation ways.
Double-hand set is foldable ,that make it easy to carry around.
Nine extended interfaces for a variety of compatible accessories.
Anti-slip design added to handles for better grip.
Intelligently follow pre-set route in auto-rotation mode, matching motion time-lapse or automatic shooting.
Control focus and picture of camera by one shutter button.
Get panoramic pictures pretty easily by configurable Timed photography function.
Quick upgrade, set parameters, reset and virtual remote control with APP.
Three main working modes fit for most scene.


USB Cable – 1
18650 battery – 4
Smart charger – 1
Sony shutter release – 1
FY general tripod – 1
Thumbscrew – 1
Screw for camera support frame – 1
Camera support frame – 1
Adjusting clamping plate – 1
1/4inch screw – 1
Cold shoe – 1


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