LITEMAT 3 Plus LIGHT with Combo Stand

LED panel that’s both light and bright!

A colour-correct light source that is both lightweight and durable, the LiteMat 3 is a bit different. Colour-correct LEDs spread out over the whole surface create soft light that doesn’t need diffusion. This “soft-through-pixelisation” in the LiteMat 3L makes it really bright. It’s still less than 2.5cm thick and only weighs 2.14kg.

The LiteMat 3 is very versatile.  Use it as a keylight by mounting on a stand , stick it to a wall with adhesive-backed Velcro® or mount it overhead if that’s where you need it.

The LiteMat 3 is a hybrid that offers either tungsten or daylight quality light with variable Kelvin between 3200 and 6000K. You get the white balance you need without filters. Our kit includes a LiteDimmer Hybrid module to give you precise control over both colour temperature and brightness.

The LiteMat 3 LED kit comes with x 3 piece diffusion set, a really cool parasquare louvre eggcrate and a power cord. Of course the LiteMat series can also run off a battery. So ask if you need a battery kit too.

The head unit features 864 genuine VHO Pro LEDs covered by a thin, clear polycarbonate layer and bordered with Velcro® “loop” fastener. You’ll recognise the mount as the Kino Flo ‘k’ mount system that’s used really widely.

  • The medium sized LiteMat product of the three we have for hire
  • Easy to mount on a stand or stick to a flat surface with Velcro
  • Dimmer included in the kit gives precise control


LiteGear LiteMat Plus 3 Hybrid LED Light Kit Gold Mount

The LiteGear LiteMat Plus 3 Hybrid LED Light Kit Gold Mount provides a soft, controllable LED BiColor light source. Featuring 1728 new Cinemitter LEDs. At less than 1 inch thick and weighing 4.8 lbs, the LiteGear LiteMat Plus 3 is a versatile lighting tool. Use it as a keylight for interviews, a soft top-light fill or a wrapping back light. The perimeter is covered with Velcro for easy attachment of accessories or even attaching to a wall or ceiling. A convenient Kino Flo type twist on mounting plate for use on a baby stand, c-stand or clamp. You will be impressed with the Cinemitter LEDs which are 40% brighter than our VHO Pro emitters. Plus a high CRI of 95+ while providing a color temperature range from 2600K to 6200K.


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